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Causes of Blurry HP Camera and How to Solve It

 Causes of Blurry HP Camera and How to Solve It


The cause of the HP camera blur is important for every cellphone user to know. As is known, the camera on a smartphone is one of the features

most mandatory used by every smartphone owner.
The sophistication of HP camera technology today is arguably so far developed, it can even be said to almost rival the quality of DSLR camera shots.

However, have you ever experienced a cellphone camera that was originally clear, suddenly turned blurry like an old cellphone camera? Even though your HP has
a modern camera with a resolution of tens of Megapixels

However, even though the HP camera has cool specifications and advanced features, there are still some who encounter problems, such as blurry shots.

The results of such photography are certainly very detrimental, especially for those who like selfies or documenting their shots and uploading them on social media.

Causes of Blurry HP Camera

The blurry HP camera makes it fail to focus on taking photos and videos. This of course makes the quality of photos and videos
be less than optimal.
*Dirty Lens

The possible cause of a blurry HP camera is a dirty camera lens. The glass that protects the cellphone camera is sometimes touched by your hands or it can
also dirty by dust entering through the lens slits.
To clean the camera, the first step is to prepare a cotton swab or tissue. Then turn off the smartphone, then rub the camera gently until it's clean.
If it has been cleaned, the smartphone can be turned on again and try the HP camera shots.

Using a Hair Dryer

It turns out that a blurry HP camera can also be caused by the presence of dew when it rains or is exposed to water which then sticks to the lens.

Usually the cause of the blurry HP camera will be able to disappear by itself. However, there are also some smartphones that take a lot of time
so that the dew can disappear completely.

First turn off the smartphone, then remove the battery. After that, turn on the hair dryer and set the temperature to the lowest level.
When warming the smartphone, you should not be too close, because it can affect other components. Try to warm it focus on the HP camera.

Physical Damage

A blurry cellphone camera can also be caused by physical damage to the camera lens itself. This can be caused if you are not careful in placing it
The cellphone then resulted in the camera lens cap being scratched by sharp objects or falling from a height.

Changing Camera Settings

If you set the wrong camera settings, it will result in the image becoming unclear or even darker. Therefore, you can
change camera settings as default (default).
How to overcome the cause of this blurry HP camera is also quite easy, namely by using software that can be obtained on Google Play or manually.

For that, return the camera settings to the default (default). You can do this by using software that can be obtained on Google Play, or the manual method.
If you want to use the manual method, you can open it after on the smartphone, then enter the application and look for the camera, if you have found it, press "wipe data"

 Take it to the service center


This last method is the most effective way if it turns out that the HP camera is blurry due to more specific physical damage in the device. Especially if your HP
are still in the warranty period, of course, you will get service for free by being handled by professional experts in their fields.

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