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Benefits Of CD Duplication

 Benefits Of CD Duplication

The process of CD duplication is the means of making several copies of CDs of various types without doing a replication of many.  The term is used to
describe the need and use of short run quantity copying of various types of CDs.  Most CD duplication is done for quantities under 500.

The value and quality of the duplicate is high, with the sound quality being very good and matching the quality of the original.  There are many benefits
to CD duplication, including:

 1.  Its less expensive to do CD duplication
    than it is to do a full replication, especially when
    the demands are much lower.

2.  In most cases, during a replication there
   will be a minimum amount that is actually more than
   needed.  By using CD duplication, you can actually
   eliminate this extra replication. 

3.  Believe it or not, it can actually be
   much faster to use CD duplication than a full CD
   replication run.

There are other things that can cause you to take a second look as well.  With most cases, CD duplication will cost more per CD than that of a full run
replication. In the long run however, this may still be much lower.  Not all will look like the original either, as some will have blue or even black
burn marks on them that make them appear to be duplicates.

CD duplication, never the less, is a widely used system of replicating CD's in a very effective and timely manner.  The technology is always improving
as well, so you can look for updates in the quality of CD duplication systems as well - which is great news for those who enjoy CD duplication.

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