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SEO for Adsense and Success on Adsense Quick Tips

SEO for Adsense

If you've been using Google's AdSense on your pages you obviously fee
the need to somehow generate even more traffic for your website, 
which in turn would translate to more AdSense click and a higher income.

But who do you do this? Well, the major way you'll get visitors to see your 
website (other then using AdWords, which is encouraged as well) is to use 
some techniques to have search engines send more and more users towards 
your page, by ranking high in search results for your topics of interest.

Believe it or not this is a technique, better known as search-engine 
optimization or simply SEO. So here are a bunch of tips that come handy
under every amateur or professional optimizer's belt.

The first thing you need to take care of is the actual source code and layout 
of your page. This has to be kept as simple as possible. 

The problem comes 
when AdSense and the search engines themselves begin to have troubles 
in extracting the most relevant keywords on your site because of a too 
complex layout.

Secondly, try to have each one of your pages target only one specific topic. 
This way it is a lot easier for them to get indexed properly and for the 
AdSense ads to be consistent with the content of the site itself.

Also, try not to include too many hyperlinks in your page as well. This also 
means you should try not to use too many AdSense ads on your page either.

If there are certain keywords you wish to target, make sure the word you wish 
to target is present in the title, in the first paragraphs as well as in the name 
of the file. While you're at it you might want to ensure the word springs up in the 
page's last paragraphs.

And of course, it's very important for your content to have original and compelling 
content. How do you do this? Well the easiest way to do it is to find something 
you're really passionate about. That way, providing you give it a lot of effort you're 
bound to have a great page quite fast.

If the content you use in your site is in the public domain (which is highly discouraged) 
make sure that you at least give it an original title, and add an opening and a closing paragraph of your own.

This takes a little while, but if, after waiting, you still can't find your page near the top,
 you should try rewriting your title and your first and last paragraphs. It doesn't 
take much, often just changing a few words will give you the right results. 

And of, course there's the use of keyword tools that may aid you in finding some 
good keywords to include on your page that will drive visitors to your site more 
and more.

So those are about the basic techniques in search engine optimization. You can 
find a lot of computer tools to aid you in doing this, and of course, Google is a 
great place to search for this.

In the end, you'll find that SEO is a complex topic, and entire books have been 
written on the topic as well. You might find that you have a lot of optimization 
you need to do in order to get more and more visitors to your site and clicking 
those precious AdSense banners.

Success on Adsense – 5 Quick Tips

1. As you use Google's AdSense for more and more time you begin to learn from 
the mistakes of the past, and you slowly begin to realize which of your actions 
kept your site from reaching its full potential.

But an important part to making a mistake is telling people about it and teaching 
them how to avoid making the same mistake. So this is a list of the top five 
mistakes people using AdSense make. 

You should read them well, and see if any of them is applicable to your contents. 
If it is, you must stop and attempt to fix such errors as quickly as possible.

The first major no-no that everyone seems to be hitting at one point or another 
has to do with breaking the rules. Google's AdSense is a great program but it 
relies on you respecting a few set rules.

The most important thing is not to create "artificial clicks" through any means 
possible. Never click your own links, never ask your friends or close ones to click
 the links and never, by any means have your content encouraging the visitors 
to click the links. You run the risk of being permanently banned, and that will 
definitely damage your revenue.

Failing to comply with Google's terms could have your AdSense account suspended.
 And this is why this rule is by all means the most important one of all. It's because
 this is the difference between life or death.

2. The second thing users get wrong a lot of time is having a bad color palette for adsMany times this happens because the publishers aren't knowledgeable enough 
to change default color palettes. 

Others just can't seem to spend enough time in changing those defaults. 
Having bad ads that stand out is sure to push people away from clicking; 
whilst having something which is clearly visible yet distinctive will.

3. of course, the position of the ads is probably the key element you should 
get right if you want to maximize your profits with AdSense. This is noted in a lot 
of places on the web and Google talks about this as well. Google can provide 
you with statistics which illustrate what positions work particularly well on your 

4. Banner ads are also a very bad idea if you're using AdSense
480x60 type 
ads are a sure way to drive many people away as most Internet surfers have 
developed a natural resistance to such means of advertising.

6. And last, but clearly not least, is not taking care of the site running the ads
Because ultimately it doesn't matter how cool the site is itself. If it doesn't have 
updated contents and a lot of daily visitors it will probably never earn you any 
serious AdSense revenues.

So these are the most important five things people get wrong while using 
the AdSense program. But of course if you don't like this means of expressing
 the issues, here are the top five things you should do to ensure your 
AdSense ads are constantly bringing in that revenue.

Never break Google's policy. Don't make visitors create "artificial clicks" on your website regardless of the person doing so or the reason. Make sure your ads have the right 
colors that blend in with your site, and make sure they're positioned in the right 
places to attract as many customers as possible. Always try to avoid using 
banner-like (480x60) adds unless you really know what you're doing and 
constantly keep your site fresh and up to date.

So with that in mind you should be raising your AdSense revenues in no time.

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