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Auto navigation systems are . systems factory installed into automobiles

Auto Navigation Systems
Auto Navigation Devices Offer Many Installation Options
Auto navigation systems are offering many options to a 
growing number of consumers each and every year. From 
systems that are factory installed into automobiles by 
the automakers themselves to those that simply plug into 
the car's battery adapter to use on the go and take along 
with you, there is a little something for every type of 
consumer when it comes to these nifty devices and 
systems. Even those who don't limit their travels to 
automobiles can find a device that would work for them as 

There are even devices that are made with water 
travel in mind and famous for their endurance of less 
than optimal weather conditions. 
While you are not limited to auto navigation systems in 
order to find your way, they do make being lost a lot 
easier to handle. 

In fact, you are never truly lost if 

you have a reliable auto navigation system. These systems 
are designed to help you navigate back roads, country 
roads, city roads, main streets, and out of the way high 
ways like a pro and they deliver on their promise for the 
most part.

There are a few glitches just as there are with road 
maps, the major difference between a common atlas and 
these navigational devices is that they have up to date 
information that is quite reliable in most instances 
(unless there are unannounced road closings and such) and 
you are limited to the data at the time an atlas or road 
map was printed when relying on those for directions and 
navigational input. Additionally you are limited to the 
combined map reading skills of those in the vehicle. 

Map reading is a lost art for many and is becoming less and 
less emphasized as a growing number of people are turning 
to navigational devices for direction and guidance. 
For aesthetic reasons, many consumers opt for auto 
navigation systems that are installed by the automobile 

These systems come at a premium price but 
offer a seamless integration to the interior of the car. 
This of course makes perfect sense as those devices were 
literally made for the cars. 

In the long run it is quite 
likely that you will pay the most for these devices. Not 
only are you paying a higher price for the device 
initially but you are also paying for the service of 
installing them and the interest on both of those fees. 
It is a completely personal decision as to whether or not 

this is the option that is best for you. 

Many savvy consumers have discovered that they can have 
these systems installed in their automobiles by 
professionals without paying the hefty price tag that 
comes with interest when purchasing a system and 
installation along with the vehicle. 

If you choose the 
right people to install your navigation system you will 
find that you save money and have a system that appears 
natural within the interior of your automobile. 

You can have the best of both worlds when it comes to auto 
navigation systems. You do not have to sacrifice your 
budget in order to get a nice quality system that looks 
great in your automobile.

For those who are seriously limited on funds but have a 
real need for the security that an auto navigation system 
affords there are still many options that might very well 
fit your needs from a navigation system. 

You can purchase installation kits and make the installation 
yourself. This alone could literally save a few hundred
dollars on the system. 

There are also installation kits that include 
the device at very reasonable rates. Keep in mind that 
some of the lower priced systems may require a monthly 
fee for the service. However, many people that cannot 
afford a large amount of money up front for the system 
might very well be able to put $20-$50 per month towards 
the service.

The truth of the matter is that as competition grows 
among makers of auto navigation systems so do the options 
available to consumers. Along with growing competition we 
also see falling prices. It's a great time to be a 
consumer when it comes to auto navigational devices. 

Auto Navigation System Provides Less Stress Travel
Have you ever found yourself frustrated with slow moving 
traffic only to reach a certain point (an hour or so 
later) to find that the problem seems to suddenly fix 

Have you ever been sent on a poorly marked detour 
during road construction only to find an hour or two 
later that you are hopelessly lost and have no clue where 
to go from there? Do you travel often and find that road 
signs are often obstructed or missing all together? Have 
you ever found yourself late to important meetings as the 
result of bad traffic, bad weather, or poor directions? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you 
are a prime candidate for purchasing an auto navigation 
system for your car, truck, or SUV.
You may think that only people who travel extensively 
need these incredibly useful devices and systems. 

The truth of the matter is that anyone who spends any time 
during the average day in a car could seriously benefit 
by owning an automobile navigation system or device of 
some sort. The problem often lies in deciding which of 
these systems would be best suited for your specific 

personal navigation needs. 
Stand-alone Navigation Systems
These types of systems offer the most complete and 
thorough mapping utilities. You will often find extended 
or subscription features with these systems that offer 

vital information about daily weather, traffic, and 
construction issues in the areas in which you are 
traveling even going as far as offering alternate routes 
in order to avoid possible delays along your route. You 
can purchase systems that either have maps already loaded 
or that require you to go online in order to download the 
maps the system will use. 

These systems are usually great 
at not only offering detailed driving directions but also 
information about landmarks you should see along the way. 
They are the best buy for those that will rely heavily 
upon them for directions and travel details.

Multipurpose Handheld Navigation Devices
These auto navigation systems are by far the best for 
busy active families. These devices don't offer the same 
turn by turn directions as the stand-alone navigation 
systems but software can be purchased that will enable 
them to do so. 

The primary benefit of these devices is 
that they can be useful both in and out of the 
automobile. They are excellent choices for those who 
spend a great deal of time outdoors. If you get your 
thrills hiking, biking, horseback riding, mountain 
climbing, or row boating down the way you will find that 
these devices offer a great number of options to the 
average consumer and are an excellent choice for those 

who want more from their navigation dime than a system 
that can only be used inside an automobile.
Laptop/Palm Based Systems

Technology improves continuously and often by leaps and 
bounds. It should come as no surprise that our laptops 
and Palm Pilots could quite easily be turned into 
personal navigation devices complete with turn-by-turn 
directions and many other bells and whistles along the 

Some of the devices that make this happen cost less 
than $100 which makes this an excellent choice for those 
who travel extensively with Palms and laptops in tow.  In 
fact, if you already own the Palm or laptop it seems 
almost a waste of money to invest in more extensive auto 

navigation systems when you can have all you really need 
for a minimal investment. Of course, there are those that 
can be quite costly and the ultimate decision is yours 
alone. I happen to be the bargain hunter type (which 
often translates to cheap).

Regardless of which type of auto navigation system you 
ultimately select I believe you will find that having 
this type of assistance in your travel offers a certain 
level of safety and security that you may not have 
enjoyed previously. Take care and enjoy your travels, I 
hope you find that things go much more smoothly and 
confidently with the assistance of your auto navigation 

Auto Navigation Systems are Aids not Replacements for 
Attentive Driving
If you are in the market for an auto navigation system 
you are definitely not alone. 

Some people are content to 
purchase a device, stick it in their windows, and hope it 
works well whenever the need arises. 

For those, it is quite likely that most stand-alone navigation 
units will work quite nicely. The thing to remember is that 
not everyone is created equal when it comes to primary or 
even secondary navigational skills. 

For that reason alone, not all auto navigation units are created
equally either. Don't expect your auto navigation system to 
replace a 'co pilot' by any means but it should definitely do in a 
pinch and be more than capable of helping you get through 
a few lost moments while stuck in traffic, detouring, or 
taking a country drive. You won't have a natural 

conversation with your navigational system no matter how 
much the television commercials attempt to convince you 
that this will be the case. You can however get great 
details about every single turn of your trip including 
details about landmarks you should see along the way. 

You should be aware that when you miss a turn the 
alternate route isn't immediately forthcoming.

Computers contain data and it takes a moment to go 
through the mountain of data sometimes in order to 
come up with an alternate route. Be patient when dealing 
with your auto navigation system and it should serve you 
well both in times of crisis and during your regular daily driving. 

know this isn't always too terribly easy in high stress 
situations but when you look at it, using a navigation 
system is a far cry better than relying on maps that must 
be dug out, dusted off, and translated or an inability to 
read a map and ending up even more lost than you were to 
begin with. 

Even the best auto navigation system on the market isn't 
a replacement for attention to details, seeing and 
remembering important landmarks, and paying attention to 
street signs and what lies ahead.  

The good news is that 
the technology for these systems is constantly evolving 
and improving. 

Data is synching much more rapidly than 
ever before and more and more often you are finding much 
more intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. 

The maps that are provided onscreen (in the more 
sophisticated versions) combined with the verbal directions
and details work together in order to create a great driving 
experience, which would otherwise be filled with 
uncertainty, doubt, and no small degree of stress.

Regardless of how effective the auto navigation system 
you choose is, it only matters how effective you feel it is. 

If it gives you the directions and insights you need 
in order to reach your destination safely and on time, 
then I really can't find fault in the system and would 
hope that you would not either. 

There is no such thing as problem free in this day and age 
and these systems are only as good as the mapping data that 
they have. The really good news, however, is that data is 
more often accurate than inaccurate and in most cases you 
can easily reach your destination. 

When selecting an auto navigation system you should 
really consider how often you travel and how often during 
that travel you wish you had an alternate route or at the 
very least an option for your directions, how often you 
find yourself lost and clueless and needing to ask for 
directions, and how often you really feel you will use 

the device you decide to purchase. If you don't feel you 
will get the most possible use of your navigation device, 
then consider one that can be used outside the automobile 
as well or at the very least one of the less expensive 

You want to get your money's worth from 
whichever device you choose for your auto navigation 

Auto Navigation Systems are for Work, Play, and 
Everything in Between 
Back in the dark ages, it was nearly impossible to 
navigate the shark-infested waters of Main Street or big 
city USA without the assistance of a road map or some 
other major navigational aid. 

Back then if you found 
yourself lost you either had to stop and ask for 
directions at a convenience store along the way or drive 
along until you found a payphone you could use in order 
to call for better directions. 
This process became a 

little easier once cell phones became prominent and 
affordable to the masses. Today it has become even better 
if you can believe it.

Gone are the days when you drove around in circles hoping 
to find a place to stop and get directions to take you 
back to the beaten path before your gas tank uses the 
last of its fumes. 

Now you can simply use GPS tracking to 
find out where you are and then get directions to the 
nearest destination of choice or simply find your way 
back towards your destination. You can actually go on 
vacation now without taking a massive road atlas or a 
half dozen maps of a half dozen states along for the ride. 

Gone are the days of needing a tour guide in order 
to fold your maps back into their former positions. 
Vacations are now much more relaxed as a result of the 
lack of stress involved in merely getting there. 

Not only is getting there easier with the use of auto navigation 
systems, but getting around once you reach your vacation 
destination is much easier to handle. This makes the 
entire vacation experience much more enjoyable to all 
involved and helps build memories that aren't marred by 
serious adult conversations about the lack of road signs 
and a few expletives 

about the fact that armadillos seem 
to be the only ones around to ask for directions.
Beyond the vacation factor, business meetings were always 
a step away from potential disaster before the advent of 
auto navigation systems that exist to help you find your 
way in the jungle that has become corporate America. 

The good and the bad of corporate America is that it isn't 
only on one coast or another but scattered throughout the 

This means that there are times when you will 
find it absolutely necessary to take drives in places you 
may have never considered visiting at any other time in 
your life. 

Cornfields, I assure you, begin to blend 
together and all look alike after a while. 

Only the most keen of observers can tell at any 
given time one cornfield from another. This is one of 
those times when it is almost necessary to have an 
excellent tool to assist you in navigating throughout the 
countryside en route to your business destination, 
particularly if it is in the Midwest.

Many times being late is not an option and being lost in 
the middle of nowhere is even less of an option. An 
excellent auto navigation system will help you avoid this 
possibility all together while also helping you in other 

instances where weather, road construction, and general 
traffic delays could cause you to be late for those oh so 
important meetings. 

You will also find that even when your job isn't on the 
line there are plenty of reasons to make use of your auto 
navigation system. Work and play aren't the only reasons 
to make use of systems such as this. Getting to your 
daughters big day at school or your son's big soccer game 

even when traffic is snarled to a standstill is another 
great reason to use this type of technology. In fact, 
there are situations almost every day in which this 
technology will prove quite useful if you are of the mind 
to utilize it. 

It doesn't really matter what you are 
using your auto navigation system for as long as you are 
using it widely and faithfully you are getting your 
money's worth

Auto Navigation Systems are Great Tools for Geocaching
Geocaching is an excellent way to maximize your use of a 
handheld auto navigation system. There are so many 
wonderful activities and events you can use your system 
for and geocaching is a way of combining many activities 

into one use or event. In addition to being a great way 
to get out and see the world this is a great way to work 
physical fitness into your fun regimen. The reason is 
that there is generally some degree of work involved in 
finding your hidden treasures. 

So what exactly is geocaching? Glad you asked. This is a 
sport really, kind of like a fox hunt without the dogs 
and foxes. Seriously, it is a merry chase in search of a 
small token or treasure. The idea is that you take 

something, leave something, and make a note about it in 
the log. You use your GPS or handheld auto navigation 
system in order to find the treasure you are seeking. You 
find the caches and stashes by getting the coordinates 
from the Internet. 

This is a very popular pastime and you 
will find all kinds of spectacular prizes and goodies in 
the cache stash as well as phenomenal flops when it comes 
to prizes as well. All bets are off really, some stashers 
leave great goodies and others leave pranks or silly items.

 It is completely up to you which treasures you 
will leave behind (do keep in mind that this is often a 
family activity and keep your tokens family friendly as 
people of all ages enjoy the sport).

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to 
geocaching and new games are created all the time to keep 
the fun alive and the sport much more interesting. 

Check the Internet for caches hidden in your area, you 
might be amazed at the vast number of treasures and 
treasure hunters that live near by. I always have a tendency 
to think of geocaching as my own form of treasure hunting. 

Not all caches are created equal but the thrill of the 
hunt is really what it's all about. There have been some 
incredibly zany and humorous caches in addition to the 
wonderful stashes of actual cash. 

Enter into this with the idea of having a lot of fun and 
you might be surprised at all the wonderful gifts and 
goodies you find. 

Be sure however to always leave something behind if 
you take an item. Don't be deceived by the fact that you 
are using GPS or other auto navigation systems in order 
to find the stash, you may find yourself getting quite the 
orienteering workout. 

Not only will you need to climb, hike, or bike 
on occasion you may need specialized equipment such as 
scuba equipment or rock climbing equipment in order to 
reach some caches. 

You may even begin your own cache by 
finding a creative location in which to stash your 
trinkets and treasures and loading the coordinates to 
your local geocaching website. 

If you keep an eye on your 
stash you may find all manner of interesting goodies and 
ideas coming through. Even if you haven't really considered 
how exciting it would be to go on a real treasure hunt since 
you were a child, isn't it about time you did? Geocaching is the 

modern day treasure hunt with a twist-rather than "X" 
marking the spot, you will find your way with beeps and 

Auto Navigation Systems are not One-Size-Fits-All
Have you ever gone for a long country ride with a man who 
simply did not believe in getting lost? It happens and 
often results in hours and hours of driving by the same 

tree or creek twice and a desperate fear of running out 
of gas miles away from civilization. At least that was 
always the case for me. I am not afraid of adventure or 
trying new things. At least not for the most part, I am 
however, deathly afraid of being in situations where I 
have no idea where I am or how far I am from familiar 
places and things. 

I grew up in a little town off I-55. No matter how far 
from home I am, I always feel safe if I am on I-55 
because it is familiar. I know this road. I may not know 
this particular stretch of road, but I know that if I 
remain on this road, it will lead me home. There is 
safety and comfort in that knowledge. 

This same sort of safety and comfort can now be bought. 
it is called an auto navigation system and will always tell 
you which road leads home. That for me is a feature 
that is truly priceless. 

Auto navigation systems are becoming much more common as 
people are practically living in their automobiles. We 
bring our work into our cars; our kids sports, lives, 

friends, and family go along for the ride. Knowing that 
our children and their safety depend largely upon our 
ability to get from point A to point B without getting 
lost somewhere in between or taking a decidedly wrong 
turn makes the decision to purchase a vehicle with an 
auto navigation system a much easier decision. The good 

news though is that you don't have to go out and buy a 
new car, truck, or SUV in order to get a very decent auto 
navigation system.

There are many systems on the market today. With the 
numerous systems available are plenty of options that 
will suit all manner of budget as well as the innate 
desire that men (and some women) are well known for: 

desire to have plenty of buttons to push and play with. 
More and more of the systems offer much more than simple 
directions. Many offer turn-by-turn instructions while 
others promise a truly intuitive navigational experience. 

Regardless of what type of system floats your boat or of 
whether you prefer the bare bones system that will simply 
get the job done, there is a system that is probably very 
well suited to your desires and your temperament. 

Many drivers today are finding increased uses for their 
navigational systems. Some of these uses include: traffic 
pile ups, weather delays, wrecks, detours, road 
construction, high traffic areas that are best to avoid, 

or even simple door-to-door driving directions are 
sometimes in order. Most auto navigation systems are 
outstanding in any of the above situations. It is 
important, however to remember that not all systems are 

created equal. You need to have a list of expectations 
and talk with a reliable and reputable dealer to see 
which device or system would best suit your specific needs.

You should also keep in mind that while a system might 
not be the right system for your needs doesn't mean it 
wouldn't be the ideal system for someone else you know or 

We all have different needs, desires, and tastes. 
Don't push the system you purchased on others as it may 
not be the best suited for them while it works 
wonderfully for you. 

This is another reason that it is 
important to study the various systems available and make 
an informed decision from the start. The fact that one 
system doesn't meet your requirements doesn't mean that 
no system will. 

Take the time to find the best system for 
your needs from the beginning in order to be a truly 
satisfied customer.
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