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Winzip 11 Available for Download - Screenshots

In less than a month of announcing the first public beta, Corel today released the final public version of their ubiquitous compression software - Winzip 11.0.

The interface of Winzip 11.0 is exactly like it's predecessor but some new features have been added in this version.

We take a closer look at some of these enhancements which are new to Winzip 11.0 and also help you decide if you should upgrade from Winzip 10 ?

1. Winzip 11.0 can open .RAR and .BZ2 files though you would still need Winrar to write rar files.

2. You can now upload zipped files to an FTP server or burn them to a CD or a DVD while staying inside the Winzip interface. No external application is required.

3. Winzip 11.0 lets you examine the image contents of zip files as thumbnails without extracting the files to a temp directory. This is very similar to the Windows Explorer functionality.

Now the next important question - should you upgrade to Winzip 11 or should you buy Winzip at all ?

If you are a developer or backup personnel who has to zip documents or source code regularly and then upload thm to FTP servers or burn them on DVDs, Winzip will make things a lot simpler for you. Set these routine tasks as a job and Winzip will do everything automatically for you.

But if are looking for a compression tool to just extract or create zip files, you can easily do without Winzip. Windows XP users don't need any extra software while others may get 7-zip that's free and supports rar, xpi and zip.

Winzip Homepage | Download Winzip 11.0
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