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Walk It - More Reasons to Start Walking in London

Commuters in London never had it so good. A new site called is helping London residents and tourists make more informed decisions about whether they should walk for all, or part, of any given journey or combine walking with other modes of transport.

Like Mapquest or Yahoo Maps, you type in the From and the To address and the site will show you the shortest possible walking route map between the two points.

What's unique about is that you also get details about how much calories you would burn and the pollution levels you avoid if you cover the same distance by walking instead of taking a car, taxi or a bus.

So if Mr Tony Blair were to visit the Queen of England from 10 Downing Street, it would take him 12 minutes to reach the Royal Buckingham Palace on foot plus he would burn 64 calories to cover those 1.4 miles.

For a lot of health conscious Londoners, these simple details could motivate them to walk instead of covering the same route by tube, taxi, bus or car as Peter Ackroyd also puts it - "London is made for walking. It is a city of small streets and sudden vistas, of unexpected alleys and hidden courtyards. It cannot be seen from a bus or car..."

Walkit is currently available for Central London locations only but would be expanding to other UK cities soon. This would also keep the Mayor of London happy since he wants to make London one of the most walking friendly cities by 2015. [Download London Walking Plan] - a step in the right direction.
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