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Turn Your Laptop or Desktop Into a Tablet PC

A Tablet PC is essentially a convertible laptop or a notebook computer with a slate screen where you can scribble directly using a stylus pen instead of typing with a keyboard. The handwriting recognition software will recognize your ink strokes and convert them to editable text.

Because of these "pen & ink" features, Tablet PCs are much more expensive than standard laptops.

So here's an innovative device called EZ-Canvas that converts any standard 17" LCD Monitor into a touch sensitive screen where you can use your own handwriting to write on the screen just like a Tablet PC pen input.

EZ Cavas is like an LCD Protector acryl panel with sensors that detect movement of a pen and the pen locates a mouse pointer. This acryl panel can be used as either a touch screen or a tablet pc.

Simply attach the EZ Canvas sensors to the upper corners of your PC monitor, then using the special stylus (and custom software) you can write, edit and even draw directly onto your display with your motions being translated to cursor movements.

And this works with all Windows OS - you don't need to invest in Windows Tablet PC edition. The device looks interesting but there aren't enough details on the manufacturer's site yet.

More Details @ EZ Canvas, Aving USA
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