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Quiz Time: Can You Spot The Logo Designs of Google, Youtube, Flickr..

You probably visit site like Google, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Youtube, Cnet, Flickr more than any other website on the Internet and you see their simple logos several times in a day.

But how closely have you observed the logos ? So let's take a quick quiz that will test if you correctly remember the logos of these popular web companies.

You are shown six variants of the logo - all will have the same font and design but the color scheme is different. Choose the one that matches the original logo colors.

Guess the Logo - Which is the real logo ?

Warning: The logo quiz results can break your heart. Play at your own risk. I couldn't get even Google correct.

Found via pixel y dixel, Ahh.. Chewww!
Dyas xp
Dyas xp Saya bukan orang pintar ,tapi saya bisa belajar bersama orang yang pintar
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