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Look Ma! Ads By Google in our Newspaper

All major U.S. dailies, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, Seattle Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and others, are ready to print Google Ads in their newspapers starting next month until January 2007.

Unlike Google Adwords where Adsense publishers have little control over ads that are displayed on their websites, Google Print Adsense will let newspaper staff approve the ads before sending them for publishing.

How to place Ads in Newspapers via Google ?
Advertisers can place ads in Newspapers via the Google Adwords interface. Choose the newspaper section which will have a list of the participating papers and the sorts of ads that are available. They can then enter a bid for a certain type of advertisement, specifying the section and date range.

Is Adsense for Print an auction ?
The NYTimes says the new system is not exactly an auction because the newspapers do not commit to selling any advertising space. They can choose to accept as many or as few bids as they like at any time.

What is Google's Cut in the Process ?
During the test phase, Google will merely play the role of an ad booking agent bringing advertisers and newspapers together but in the long run, Google, as an advertising broker, expects to get a 20% commission for every ad booked through their system.

Why is Google getting into print ?
According to News Leader, Google doesn't have room on the Internet to accommodate all its advertising clients. Therefore they are thinking to redirect those ads to the printed page.

Business Week adds that Google Print Ads could reduce the role long played by media-buying agencies by essentially offering advertisers a mechanism to deal directly with print publishers.

In a nutshell, this deal presents tremendous revenue-growing opportunities for both newspapers as well as Google. Once the program moves out of the alpha phase in January 2007, Google will starting charging newspapers for all ads booked via the Adwords interface.

For newspapers, Adsense for Print will expose them to a whole pool of advertisers who have always been willing to try out print advertising but were hesistant to step forward due to complicated procedures.

The simple Adwords tool will allow potential advertisers to place print ads in few clicks without talking to separate advertising agencies. In addition, advertisers can can place same ads across different newspapers right from one place. This will prove to be a huge factor while attracting advertisers to Print Adwords.
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