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How to Get Your Blog on Techmeme ?

What does it take to get your blog listed on the Techmeme homepage?

Techmeme founder Gabe Rivera shares some ideas and tips that will possibly help your blog get into Techmeme:
  • Write good content, use descriptive titles and offer some link love for Techmeme.
  • Break news or write original analysis, and do so clearly and concisely, always careful to provide real value to new and existing readers.
  • Sending Techmeme visitors is another way to "enable discovery of your post".
On Featured Posts section, Gabe says that blog stories that send traffic to Techmeme are shown in that block as "a way of saying thanks for the link while highlighting recent topical posts. "

Techmeme could mean tons of traffic to your blog so it won't hurt if you listen to Gabe's advice.
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