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Files Upload: Imagine Rapidshare With FTP Support and No Download Limit

Files Upload is a new file hosting service for sending those large files like Videos, Music and High resolution pictures to anyone for free.

Files Upload is supported by Google Ads and offers some excellent features that could make users of Rapidshare or Megaupload jealous - the waiting time is less, no limit on data transfer, no country slots and you can resume broken downloads, a feature available only to Rapidshare premium account holders.

While lets you host files up to 1Gb, what really impresses is the FTP support and you also get a personal subdomain (like which is in a way similar to Rapidshare folders.

So your friends can easily bookmark that webpage and all your uploaded files will be available to them at one central place. No need to write emails informing them about new files that you have recently uploaded - they will instanty available for download on your personal website.

The uploaded files stay on Files Upload for ever if users are accessing the file regularly as they are deleted in the next six months. You can upload as well as delete files via FTP though the download is available only via HTTP interface from the web browsers. User can upload up to 30 files at the same time.

It is mandatory to add a short description to your file during the upload process. I think that would make it easier to search files which has been almost impossible to do with [now]

The public files that you upload are automatically added to the Files Catalogue which is like a browser of files. File Upload does have a top file list which shows the list of files that have attracted maximum attention [ie downloaded maximum number of times]

Overall, Files UPLOAD is definitely a better alternative to Rapidshare though it is yet to be seen if their storage and file distribution network matches that of

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