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Email This! Send Webpages using GMail, Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc

GMail This!, one of our favorite browser bookmarklet for quickly sharing text on webpages or hyperlinks using GMail, is now available in a new avatar as a Firefox extension.

The new name is EMail This! since the addon now supports GMail, Yahoo and even desktop email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. [see screenshot]

Once you install the extension, it appears on the Firefox right context menu. You can also drag-n-drop mailing icons to the Firefox toolbar. Now select any text portion of the webpage and click the corresponding email client button to send that text to your friend.

EMail This opens up a new email compose window, the webpage title becomes the email subject and the page hyperlink is automatically appended to the email body text.

Click on mailtothis icon will open the standard desktop email client which could be Outlook, Thunderbird or even Lotus Notes. This last feature is much like the "Send Link by email" command that's available in most browsers.

Email This! Extension | Developer page [via : etc]

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