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eBay Contextual Ads Expected In January 2007

eBay AdContext, the much awaited Adwords style contextual advertising program from ebay, will only be available to general publishers in the first quarter of 2007.

Like Adsense, this new eBay Ads system will also scan the text of your Web site for keywords and returns links to relevant eBay auctions. For example, if your webpage is about graphics software, you could expect to see link to ebay auctions about Photoshop Software, Training DVDs or even Photoshop User Magazine subscription.

Evan Schuman reason why AdContext could be a more paying alternative to publishers than Adwords:
The difference with Google's AdWords is an assumed greater time urgency. Someone might look at a Google ad and file it away for possible future action. An advertiser might never link that inquiry two months later with the Google ad. But the EBay link would likely be to a time-limited auction, theoretically making a quick purchase - and an associated clear advertiser ROI - more likely.
There won't be any third party ads but only links to auctions listed on the website that match the keywords on your webpage.

eBay AdContext - eBay Affiliates interested in trying out the beta can send an email to
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