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Download Pamela 3.0 for Skype - Record Skype Calls, Podcasting & more..

Pamela 3.0 is recommended add-on for Skype addicts and Podcasters who record interviews over Skype for publishing on their blogs.

With Pamela, you can enhance Skype with tons of interesting and useful features like support for Blogging, Podcasting, Call Recording, Answering Machine, Auto chat reply and even Video Recording.

Pamela comes in four flavors. The basic version is absolutely free and lets you record Skype voice chats for upto 15 minutes. For recordings of unlimited lengths, you can consider taking the pro route. The nice part is that Pamela 3.0 is compatible with Skype 2.6 as well as Skype 3.0 which was launched hours ago.

The moment you initiate a call in Skype, Pamela will confirm if you like to record the conversation.

A short message is conveyed to the other party and your entire conversation is recorded as a WAV file. This can be converted to MP3 using the Lame MP3 encoder which is not included by default due to licensing issues.

Not just Skype conversations or Skypecasts, Pamela can also be used for recording voice narrations like Windows Sound Recorder. The advantage is that you can mix emotion sounds like that of a Kiss, Heart Beat, Laughing crowd, etc to make your audio recording more lively.

Pamela for Skype makes it very easy to blog your audio recordings - just supply the blog credentials and the ftp server details and Pamela will take care of the entire publishing and uploading process. They also call it Pamcasting.

Birthday Notifications is another useful feature - Pamela will fetch the birthday details of all your Skype contacts and automatically send you reminders when the date is near.

Pamela Pro can forward your incoming voice messages as attachments to any email address or can send a notification about the voice messages to your mobile phone. Pamela 3.0 will also soon be available for U3 compatible USB devices.

Now Skype 3.0 beta lets you directly install the Pamela Recorder Basic edition from the Extras panel. This edition supports Skype call recording and emotion sounds but you will miss the other powerful features only available in the Standard or Pro version like the ability to record longer conversations, video recording and blogging/podcasting support.

The professional and standard editions of Pamela install as a separate program, independent of your Skype installation but it will automatically launch Skype for you as soon as run Pamela.

Overall, an impressive Skype application that makes Skype all the more useful.

This review was completed using Pamela 3.0 Professional installed with Skype 3.0 beta. Thanks Dick Schiferli for providing the review license of Pamela Professional.

Download Pamela 3.0 for Skype | Pamela Tutorial | Pamela Support Forums

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