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Create Breathtaking Wallpapers & Fractal Flame Animations with Apophysis

Remember watching those beautiful visualizations inside Windows Media Player or iTunes that dance in time to the music and make the sound more entertaining.

Well, you can create similar animations or even plain static images for your desktop background using a free software called Apophysis. [Thanks Raj Dash]

The Apophysis software comes preloaded with a big list of fractal flames. You can change their shapes by moving the triangle and circles inside the Transform editor. You can save the fractal animation movie as a series of sequence images on your hard disk.

Raj Dash refers to his gallery of fractal pictures as e-Paintings where I came to know about Apophysis - "The idea is that a tiny bit of input into the system causes great (chaotic) changes." [the origin of universe and big bang theory]

Ultimately, generating fractals is all about writing simple scripts inside notepad and executing them with Apophysis. The language uses the Pascal syntax. Rajahh has another wonderful collection of Fractal Wallpapers.
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