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CLiCk, Speak - Let Firefox Read Webpages For You

CLiCk, Speak is a text-to-speech extension for Firefox that can read the text content of any website.

Click Speak is not designed for net users with visually impairments - instead it seeks to help people who can understand a language when it's spoken but have trouble reading it or who are too lazy to read the lengthy text on a webpage.

CLiCk, Speak features a mouse driven interface. You can access the commands either by clicking on their icons in the CLiCk, Speak Toolbar or by selecting them from the right click context menu. You can either instruct the software to speak a selection of text or the entire webpage starting from your current position.

The extension will read any website for you as long as it is written in one of the supported languages. Currently male and female voices are available for English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

A similar application for reading webpages is BrowserAloud as mentioned by Jane. As you move the cursor over words, they are spoken aloud. Browsealoud currently supports 8 languages.

Download Click Speak [via]

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