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Blogging Trends: The More Popular You Get, The More You Write

Technorati today published their State of the Blogosphere report for October 2006. The report makes an interesting correlation between the Technorati Rankings of individual blogs and posting volume (number of posts published per day on that blog).

Conclusion: The higher the Technorati Ranking (or number of inbound links), the higher the post frequency [see graph above]

Here's a short explaination of the graph for the extreme cases:-

» The Low Authority Group (3-9 blogs linking in the last 6 months) - bloggers of this type average only 12 posts per month, meaning that their posting habits are generally dedicated but infrequent.

» The Very High Authority Group (500 or more blogs linking in the last 6 months) - which represents more than 4,000 blogs, exhibits a radical shift in post frequency as well as blog age. Bloggers of this type have been at it longer - a year and a half on average - and post nearly twice a day.

Other notable observations by David Sifry:

• About 100,000 new weblogs were created each day.
• Farsi has moved into the top 10 languages of the blogosphere
• English and Spanish languages are a more universal blog language than the other two most dominant language, Japanese and Chinese, which seem to be more regionally localized.
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