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Annotate Webpages Online with Fleck

Say, you come across an interesting webpage that your mom on the other side of the Atlantic would love to see. The problem is that the webpage has lot of extra information which could confuse here - So you want a simple way to highlight just the interesting portions before sharing the full webpage with her.

How about writing some text on sticky notes, paste the stickers on the web page and send the web page to her ?

No, I am not asking you to take a print out the web page - It can be done on the web itself using Fleck, a new online service that lets you add an impressive layer of sticky notes and annotations on web pages without installing any extensions or software.

You type in a web URL and using the floating Fleck toolbar, add text annotations. The notes can be moved all across the page. Once you finish adding annotations, click the Share button to send that webpage with annotations to your friend.

Fleck sends a live copy of the webpage and not a snapshot image.

Another very useful application of Fleck can for creating Site Tours or illustrating webpages as you see in the screenshot above. You can write instructions anywhere on the webpage making it easier for visitors to discover all the great features of your website. - Highlighting webpages have never been so easy.

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