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Adobe Kuler: An Online Color Scheme Generator You Have Never Seen Before

Last month, they unveiled an impressive PDF reader [Adobe Digital Editions] and an easy-to-use sound editing software [Adobe Soundbooth]

Today, Adobe engineers shipped another useful Flash goodie for designers who need some good colors schemes for their webpages, blog templates, brochures or even business cards.

Adobe Kuler works completely inside the web browser - no downloads, no installation - but you can download colors schemes on your hard drive or share them with other designers.

Start by choosing a base color either by clicking the color wheel spectrum or manually typing the RGB, HEX or CMYK value - Kuler will than generate matching colors for you depending on the style you have selected.

You can refine the generated colors again by typing the color values or dragging the sliders or through the color wheel itself.

And if you are one of those non-creative minds [like me] who are bad at creating color themes but badly need a color scheme pattern for their blog - just follow the highest rated section that has probably the most appealing color schemes rated by existing Adobe Kuler users.

Kuler - Gear up to play with colors.

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