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Virtual Keyboards: Start Typing Anywhere Sans Keyboard

Virtual Laser Keyboards

Hate the cramped key layout of your cellphone ? Looking for a more ergonomic replacement of your desktop keyboard that makes typing as comfortable as laying hand on a flat table surface ? You'll probably love the magical yet affordable Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard shown above. [the screenshots are real]

Virtual Keyboards project a full size QWERTY keyboard with 63 keys on any flat surface - you can then type away accompanied by simulated key click sounds. The device occupies no desk space and you can easily carry it in your side pockets since it's just the size of a matchbox.

If not a replacement of standard 101-key keyboards, these virtual laser keyboards can be a useful add-on for mobile phone or PDA users who frequently type long SMS or email messages using the minuscule keyboards of the handheld device.

And if you don't find them very useful yet, they could be a great gadget to impress your girlfriend atleast. [Works with PC, Mac, Treo and almost all Smartphones]

I-Tech Virtual Laser Keyboard | Think Geek [Available for ~$180]
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