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The Pleasures & Pitfalls of Interviewing Inexperienced People

Online Journalism has an interesting article on how to get the story from inexperienced interviewees. While it's for journalists, podcasters who generally interview people for their shows will also be able to connect. Here are some excerpts:

» People who have never dealt with the media before tend not to know the operating rules. "When do I get to see the article to check it before print?", can be a depressing request at the end of an interview.

» You need a softer approach when dealing with people not used to talking to journalists says Gregory. She says she is generally more empathetic, relaxed and chattier. There is no need for the ultra business-like style appropriate for busy professionals. You can use personal anecdotes, it becomes a more "two-way" conversation, she says.

» An ordinary person interviewed just once in a lifetime by a journalist probably tells 30 other people about their experience.

The good news about interviewing ordinary people is that they are a lot easier to get hold of and are more approachable, says Helen Gregory, a Brighton based freelance. Read the full story @
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