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Should You Buy the iPod LCD Monitors from Viewsonic ?

Viewsonic have announced a new range of LCD monitors (ViewDock Display) that have an integrated iPod dock with speakers and even a microphone.

Just fit your iPod in the dock and you are ready to watch those 320x240 iPod movies on a 19" or a 22" widescreen monitor. You can also listen to songs stored on your iPod and the dock will charge your iPod in the background while you are being entertained.

And all this won't cost the earth. The 22" Made-for-iPod LCD display would cost you $449.00 which is pretty reasonable considering the features and the amount of space you save on the computer desk.

Now the next big question - Should you switch to the ViewDock display ? Well, if you are planning to replace your aging LCD monitor, ViewSonic iPod displays are a nice option in the Widescreen monitor category which is currently dominated by Dell Monitors.

The inbuilt iPod features will enable you to showcase multimedia content from your iPod on a bigger screen without even connecting it to a computer which is great for showrooms and display racks where space is a problem. Even the inbuilt stereo speakers, subwoofer and the headphone jacks will reduce desktop clutter but provide an excellent audio experience.

Otherwise, if you're satisfied with your current monitor, there's no real reason to invest in the ViewDock just for iPod specific features. There are tons of cheap iPod accessories, like the Apple iPod Universal Dock, that will connect your iPod to that large LCD TV in your living room.
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