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Record & Send Video Emails With Gabmail, No Registration or Download Required

Remember that simple but very useful Odeo Voicemail service that lets you record and email audio messages to friends using just an ordinary microphone and a Flash player installed in the web browser.

Well, we now have an equivalent service - GabMail - for sending video messages through the web brower. You however need an extra device here - a webcam to record videos. And if you don't have a webcam yet, just use still use Gabmail to send audio emails just like Odeo.

Once you have plugged the webcam and the microphone, just press the record button and start speaking/acting. Preview your message and Gabmail will send the recorded video as a hyperlink. The recipient also has the option to reply or forward the email video right from the Gabmail interface. Give it a short.

Update: Mark Lipsky from Gabsight adds that you can also a video camera [digital camcorder] with firewire and microphone rather than a webcam.

Free Gabmail - Send Video Emails From the Web Browser. [via]
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