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Put Your Portrait in Art Galleries of Famous Museums

Want to see a life-size painting of yourself or anyone else showcased in the portrait gallery of famous museums around the world where visitors flock in huge numbers to admire those masterpieces ?

They are not just wild imaginations - all you need is a digital picture that you want to exhibit in the Museum Gallery and Museumr, a brilliant tool that will automatically place your image in the museum display like the one you see above.

Museumr is like a Flickr Toy where you pass the URL of the Flickr picture or any photo on the web, choose a Museum Gallery style and the application will create an awesome piece of art displayed in a real museum gallery complete with admiring visitors.

PS: The above portrait is my son Google superimposed by Museumr on a famous painting called The Last Judgment, by Peter Paul Rubens. It's displayed in The Alte Pinakothek - one of the oldest and most outstanding art galleries in the world, focusing on European paintings from the 14th-18th centuries.
Dyas xp
Dyas xp Saya bukan orang pintar ,tapi saya bisa belajar bersama orang yang pintar
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