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Ping Google Blog Search With Windows Live Writer

Google now lets you ping their blog search engine whenever you publish a new post on your blog. This is an essential step if you want Google spiders to crawl your latest blog entries as early as possible.

There are two ways to Ping Google blog search - either you visit their website and submit your blog rss feed URL manually or the easy way would be let your blog editor handle the ping job for you.

Windows Live Writer has a very useful but lesser known feature that will ping blog search engines automatically for you as soon as you publish a post.

While the steps mentioned here are written specifically for Windows Live Writer, they can be ported to any other desktop blog editor including w.bloggar or ecto or Blogjet.

1. Open Windows Live Writer and select Tools->Preferences->Ping Servers.

2. Type the Following URL and click OK.

You can add any number of pings in Windows Live Writer. Some of the most common ping servers that you may want to include are:


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