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Mozy: Online Data Backup Service That's Free, Automatic & Very Simple

If you are not taking regular backups of your digital camera photographs, iPod music, Outlook emails, Office documents and other important files on your computer just because you don't have the time to burn CD's or DVD's, consider using Mozy.

Mozy is a free service that will automatically backup your data offsite with minimal effort. The Mozy client runs on Windows XP and will take incremental data backups meaning it will copy only stuff that has changed since the previous backup operation. So after your initial backup, your subsequent backups should be relatively quick.

And if disaster strikes your hard-disk, Mozy can easily restore the data by downloading from their online server with the click of a button.

Even if you are regularly taking backup on USB thumb drives or CD's, Mozy could still be a useful alternative to take backup of backups. The set it and forget it approach of Mozy makes the data backup job so simple that even your grandma would love to use Mozy.

A useful feature in Mozy is when you when you delete a file on your local computer and continue to back up using Mozy. Though the file is removed from the current backup set, Mozy will keep a copy of that file in older backup sets just in case the deletion was accidental.

The free version of Mozy will back up 2GB of your documents on two computers. In return, they may send you email newsletters with sponsored links. Alternatively, you can choose the Mozy Plus service that provides 30GB of backup space for $4.95/month. A Mac version of Mozy is also expected soon.

Don't wait for the next internet crisis. Mozy your important files now.

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