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Mobile Phones for Would-Be Moms To Help Them Get Pregnant [or Prevent Pregnancy]

DoCoMo in Japan have launched mobile phones with Ovulation Calendars for women who like to be reminded when when they reach the most fertile part of their monthly reproductive cycles.

The phones requires your menstruation dates and will alert you three days before ovulation and again on the day.

Though these fertility handsets have extra features to appeal to all women, such as a recipe database - you don't need to invest in this phone to get pregnant or prevent unwanted pregnancy. Just use the following trick to convert your regular cell phone into a fertility phone.

First select your dates in this Ovulation calendar - this calendar will then show you the possible dates of ovulation. The darker the green color, the stronger the chances of conceiving a child. Create alerts for those dates in your mobile phone or paste them inside Google Calendar to receive alerts by SMS or email. Simple.

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