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Mobile Phone Makes Screaming Noise When Stolen

A mobile phone is stolen every 12 seconds in the UK. But a new anti-theft software for mobile phones could make these talk devices less attractive to wannabe cellphone thieves.

If your phone gets stolen or someone snatches the phone and runs away, simply call a designated number and your stolen handset will sound an ear-piercing alarm that resembles a human screaming voice. The screaming goes on until the thief removes the battery.

The alert will also wipe out all the sensitive data on the phone like the phone numbers, documents and other confidential data. The phone will be permanently deactivated and even replacing the memory, or SIM card, inside won’t bring it back to life.

Currently, cell phone service provider are able to disable a phone once it is reported stolen but they are unable to erase or retrieve data on such phones. Remote XT software looks like a step in the right direction. As the cellphone is rendered useless with RemoteXT, the stolen handset market will look no more lucrative.

Remote XT Wipe | Press Release [via CIO]
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