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Microsoft Gets Breathing Room As Google Puts a Full Stop to New Products

There are some 50 odd products in Google's arsenal that we know of and there could be atleast a hundred more incubating in Google research labs.

But when it comes to public awareness about these Google inventions, most Google users are confused and could recall just half-dozen or so products from a list of 35 that's available on the Google Website.

The Google Labs website would therefore won't see much activity in the coming months as Mr Brin is directing Google Engineers to stop launching so many new services and instead focus on making existing ones work together better.

And Mr Schmidt also reveals that Google plans to combine its spreadsheet, calendar and word-processing programs into one suite of Web-based applications.

Google has no plans to halt the development of all new products or abandon ones which less popular - the new "Features, not products" campaign is focused on future development.

This is definitely a welcome development for Microsoft. They can now focus on shipping IE7 this month as Google won't be launching any "Powerpoint Killer" in near future.

Source: Google Puts Lid on New Products.
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