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Let's Meet Over Coffee This Saturday in New Delhi

Let's Meet Over Coffee This Saturday in New Delhi

Though I know a lot of blog readers and fellow bloggers virtually, it would be a real pleasure to see you in person. If you stay in or around Delhi, let's meet this weekend:

What: Digital Inspiration Coffee Party

When: October 28, 2006 12:30 PM

Where: Ansal Plaza Amphitheatre [On Google Maps]

Everyone is invited.

If you are planning to attend, just put your name in the comments section or drop me an email. You are still welcome if you skip this step.

Hope to see you on Saturday. Please do come.

Update: Most of the people who had confirmed in the comments turned up for the meet. The best part was that people were on time though some of them had to drive for 60-90 minutes to reach the place.

Thank you all who were present including Cherian Samuel, Ritu with her son, Raminder, Vineet Jain, Abhishek, Siddhartha, Ajay from L&T, Rohit Khurna, Brajesh of, Rohit Malik and Shailendra Yadav.

It was a good start and reading the response in the comments below, I think we can have more such meets in other cities in future. Nothing beats a physical handshake.

Update: In Mumbai, Bollywood insider and Superman fan, Sakshi, organized a Halloween Blog-o-Ween bash at her place. Don't miss Blogging Idol playboy Amit Varma sporting the bunny cap :)
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