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Hot Tip for Saving Engergy at Home: Stop Bathroom Singing

When there's a water shortage in some American cities, the restaurant staff is prohibited from serving drinking water to customers before they request it. You are not even allowed to wash your vehicles with hoses that do not have a positive shut-off nozzle.

Now an Australian firm has suggested something more unique to save water as well as electric power - stop singing and daydreaming in the shower.

According to Energy Australia, an average Australian showers for seven minutes which includes shaving, playing with toys (?), singing, daydreaming and brushing teeth. Most of these activities can be done over the sink.

The research also says that families could save $75 a year on their electricity bills if they cut back their shower times. Plus it could help solve the current drought problem in Australia though only upto a very small degree.

Bathroom singing [or Singing in the Shower] could be an expensive hobby.
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