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Google Inviting Bloggers to Improve Blogger

Google is calling Blogspot bloggers to participate in a user experience study to improve Blogger. The only qualification required to participate in this Google Blogger study is that you should be above 18 years of age and maintaining a blog for at least three months.

If you think that you fit the bill, just type in your details in the following survey and wait until you receive the call from Googleplex [no guarantees though]

Google Blogger Study [Referral Code: blggr102006sf]

This initiative is part of a recent announcement where Google would pay users upto $75 per hour for testing products that are either released or still in development.

According to Jordan, they are especially looking for people in New York City and San Francisco Bay Area, but others are welcome to participate in the study as well.

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Blogger guy Jason has responded to allegations by Techcrunch and others that were concerning the security of Blogger as a Google product - "They may be missing an important point: because we are eating our own dogfood, Blogger becomes a better, more secure product."
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