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Google Affiliates or Cost Per Action Model is Old News

You are probably aware that Google is launching an style Affiliate Program which will run in parallel to Adsense. This "Cost Per Action" program has been under beta testing since June this year.

When I read this post on WebProNew blog titled Google Launches Affiliate Program?, I thought there were some new updates from Google on the CPA front. But the Webpronews writer actually picked this news from an old article on ITPro that was published way back in June.

The real interesing part is that even sites like Threadwatch and Search Engine Watch are now linking to this old IT Pro story. That's the viral effect of blogs which can revive buried content.

Anyway, it's a good recap of the Google CPA program which could be an additional source of revenue for content owners independent of number of clicks or page impressions. The more fan following you have, the more likely that people will buy products recommened by you.

Plus the website owners have a greater say in the kind of ads that appear on their site instead of blindly displaying whatever ads Google chooses to send them.

The official definition of a Google Affiliate on the Adwords Support website is - An affiliate is an individual advertiser or website owner who has a business relationship with a merchant to promote the merchant's product or service. The affiliate earns a small commission from the merchant for each referral that results in a sale; the merchant handles payment and fulfillment.
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