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Google Adding Adsense Clicks Tracking Feature inside Google Analytics

Google may soon integrate Adsense with Analytics to provide detailed stats on how site visitors interact with Adsense ads.

While it has always been possible to track visitor clicks on Google Adsense units in some simple steps, Google is now working to provide native support for Adsense clicks tracking using Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics team is asking for feedback from site owners that use both Google Analytics and Google AdSense:

Q1. Which Google Analytics reports do you use most often in conjunction with your AdSense account?

Q2. Which Analytics report or metrics would you most like to see added to Google Analytics to help you succeed with AdSense?

We already know that Google Checkout is integrated with Analytics allowing merchants to track buyers who use Google Checkout.

The same way, it makes perfect sense to integrate Adsense click data with Analytics - this helps Adsense publishers understand the visitor response to site advertisements. Plus Adsense publishers can monitor their sites for click fraud or invalid clicks using Analytics.

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