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Free Windows Vista for New XP Pro Customers If They Pay Shipping Charges to Microsoft

Ready for Windows Vista?

If you are planning to purchase a new computer anytime starting tomorrow, you will probably qualify for the Express Upgrade to Windows Vista program which is sort of a free Vista coupon from Microsoft that lets you upgrade your Windows XP OS to Vista when it gets available in January 2007. Microsoft will however ask you to pay the Shipping & Handling charges for mailing you the Vista Upgrade DVD.

To qualify for the Vista upgrade coupons plan, you are required to purchase a Windows XP computer between October 26 and March 15, 2007. Most of the major computer vendors are covered in the plan including Dell, Sony, Toshiba, HP, Gateway and Fujitsu.

While the coupons will be available at no cost to Windows XP Professional customers, XP home customers will receive a 50% discount for upgrading to equivalent Vista Home editions.

Similarly, Microsoft also announced free Office 2007 coupons which lets you upgrade your Office 2003 edition to an equivalent version of Office 2007 which will be released at the same time as Vista.

It is probably the best time to buy a Windows XP computer preloaded with Office 2003.

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News Source: Bloomberg | MS Presspass
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