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Extract Still Image Sequences from Video Clips

AVCutty ScreenshotAVCutty is a small but useful tool that lets you do lot of interesting things with your video clips [that includes videos downloaded from Youtube in AVI format].

Here's a quick summary of the popular features in AVCutty:

» If the video is too long or boring, you can manually trim down the clip to retain just the interesting portion of the video. Or you can instruct AVCutty to split a video into multiple video clips of 'n' seconds or 'n' frames.

» AVCutty can scan any AVI video file and automatically detects the scene changes. Each scene can then be saved as a separate AVI file. For instance, if the video has scenes from the dinner table, living room and your kitchen, AVCutty can easily detect the three different areas and will save them as three separate videos. [probably works by comparing keyframes]

» AVCutty can export the entire movie or a part of the video to a series of bitmaps or picture frames which can later be printed as creating Flipbooks - a book of still images where you just flip the pages quickly and some animation appears to play.

While the donation screen can be a bit annoying, the program is still very useful especially if you are looking to cut big avi files into smaller video clips. Plus the ability to create thumbnail images from movie clips can be handy for printing contact sheets of your video clips.

There won't be any loss in video quality as AVCutty uses a loseless process and re-encoding is not done.
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