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Draw Heatmap of Mouse Movements, Also Measure Mouse Miles

Here are two very interesting and useful mouse utilities [freeware] that will reveal amazing details about your computer mice use - one of them will measure mouse miles for you while the other one will generate a visual heat map of your mouse movements. As you will learn below, the heatmap can help you learn more about how site visitors navigate your site.

Mouse miles is the distance your mouse pointer or cursor travels when you move the mouse on the computer screen. Mouse Clocker can help you easily measure this value and also compares your travel miles to some of the worlds landmarks. For example, you can discover how long it takes for your mouse to scale the Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building. [Direct Download]

Mouse Heatmap is another interesting utility that sits in your tray icon and records all the movements of your mouse on the computer screen. Unlike screencapture software which replays your mouse cursor movements, Mouse heatmap will draw a nice visual heatmap graphic of your mouse cursor activities like the standard website heatmaps. The areas where the mouse is more frequently visited are highlighted in brighter red colors. [download link]

Possible Application: While the Mouse mile measuring utility may be pure fun, the mouse heatmap drawing utility could have a very practical use. Open your website in Full screen mode and asks your friends and relatives to navigate the site with the mouse.

This will give you a fairly good idea of how site visitors navigate your website and which areas of your site are most visible to new visitors. Make sure Adsense is turned off.

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