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Dear Google, I Want The GMail Invite Box Back

Want a free GMail invite ? Please don't contact me anymore since I have already exhausted my limit and Google has removed the Invite box from the GMail UI for me. [see screenshots]

Ever since I wrote these two posts, I have literally distributed hundreds of GMail invites. The requests for free Gmail accounts exploded after publishing another hack to convert PDF or Microsoft Office Documents to HTML or text using GMail.

Previously the GMail invite system was generous enough and would automatically increment the invite count at regular intervals. However, they seem to have stopped that practice since the last few months and my invite count limit continued to travel south till it reached the point when I had just one Gmail invite left. Now that's gone as well.

Noticed something different in the last screen capture ? The GMail Invite box has disappeared forever.

On a related note, you can hide the GMail invite box in Firefox by adding the following lines of code to your userContent.css file.
    span[class~=ilc][class~=sxs] {
display: none !important;
div#nb_1 {
display: none !important;
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