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Customize The Tabs On Yahoo! Search Homepage

Yahoo! Search has a great time-saving feature that lets you choose the tabs you want to appear on the Yahoo search homepage. [see screenshot]

While you cannot specify the order in which these tabs should be displayed, it is still an easy way to get rid of search tabs like Shopping, Yahoo! Local, Jobs or Directory search which we rarely use.

To customize Yahoo! Search Homepage Tabs go to and select the search tabs you want to appear on your Search Homepage and click "Save".

While Yahoo! copied the simple search tabbed interface from Google, Yahoo! implemented the simplistic search interface in a much cleaner style. Here are two reasons to support that statement:

1. Google won't let you customize the tabs.

2. When you type something in Google web search box and click any of the other tab like Video, your search query is lost and you'll have to type it again.

Yahoo! is intelligent since it preserves your query and also executes the search when you click a different search tab. Probably Google has something to learn from Yahoo! here.
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