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Convert Between All Videos or Audio Formats Online

Media Convert is a free online converter service that can convert any audio or video file format into almost any other format such as AVI, MOV, SWF, MPEG, FLV, Real, DivX and several more.

You can upload videos upto 50 MB in size and the actual conversion takes place on their own servers. There's no software or plug-in to install and the file is uploaded via a web interface.

Like Sorenson Squeeze, Flix Pro and other commercial video encoders, Media Convert allows you to set the start/end points of the portion you want to extract and convert.

So whether you are looking to convert your Youtube FLV videos to MOV format for playing inside Quicktime or converting AVI to MPEG or Real format, Media convert can handle all the conversion for you and more.

You can also use the same web interface of Media Convert to take screencaptures of webpages or converting Open Office documents of Microsoft Office files. Zipped files can also be converted between formats. Worth bookmarking.

Media Convert | Supported File Formats [via DV Guru]
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