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Amazing Collection of Free Fonts on the Web

Free Cool Fonts

If you are looking to download some stylish or decorative fonts in English from the internet for your video podcasts, Office documents or those unique text logos, your search should conclude at Better Fonts - a vast searchable collection of downloadable free fonts in TTF format.

The best part about Better Fonts website is the built-in AJAX style Font viewer - you can choose any of the font name from the list, type your own text and tool will render that text using that font in B&W format. This could be an handy hack to create text logos on the fly.

Better Fonts - Over 10000 fonts for free [via Geek Podcast]

Warning: A font like any software has a license attached to it. Better Font claim that all fonts on their site are either freeware, demo versions or shareware. All fonts have been collected from around the web, and are maintained with all files intact.You may therefore want to check the license before using them in your commercial works.

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