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Adding Labels to Old Blogger Posts is Like Using GMail

Wow! The most requested feature in blogspot is now live.

When you upgrade from Blogger v2.0 to Blogger v3.0 Beta, none of your earlier posts will have any labels and it takes just too much time and effort to label the old posts by separately editing them inside the Blogger web editor.

So Google today announced a new Labelling feature that makes it extremely simple to add labels [or categories or tags] to your existing blog posts in Blogger Beta.

Just like GMail, you can choose multiple blog posts and apply new labels or remove the existing ones.

This new feature is a blessing for folks (like me) who are migrating to the new Blogger platform (or have already migrated) and have tons of old posts that are not yet labelled. On the Edit Posts page, you can select batches of posts and add or remove labels to all the posts at once.

This single feature alone makes the new Blogger so tempting. Julie Meloni, friend and expert Blogger user, writes - "Works well. Looks good. Go use."

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